Meet Your Health Guide:

Donna Mack

"I pray that you enjoy good health, physically and emotionally, even as your soul prospers."  Donna Mack - Health Coach

My name is Donna Mack, and I have been working in the field of fitness for over 10 years. While growing up, I watched my mom struggle with obesity and witnessed firsthand the impact it had not only on herself but on our family as well. "When mama's not happy no body is happy"..... and I was more often unhappy than not. 

To relieve stress, I began to run through the woods that surrounded my house. I wasn't doing it because I was concerned with physical health, but because this was my stress reliever. While running always made me feel better, others did not enjoy it as much. So, I became passionate in finding activities that would improve others physical and emotional health.    

In order to gain more knowledge in helping others find their healthy place, I became certified in group fitness and personal training and immediately began teaching classes in my church and company's gym. 

I found that I was able to help so many enjoy reaching fitness goals while building relationships in classes and personal training sessions but when the classes were over, many fell back into old habits.

One day a heart surgeon suggested that I look into the Integrative Health coaching certification program at Duke University. I followed up and managed to get a scholarship into the program.  Going through the foundational program at Duke University's Integrative Health Program, I realized this was not just for my clients but, I also needed this to make life changing habits for myself, not just quick diet or exercise changes.  True changes start within.

Five years later I became a certified Integrative Health Coach. I consistently see amazing transformations occurring in my clients through the guidance provided in the Health Coaching process. I can't wait to see your transformation to the healthy life you desire and truly deserve.  

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Certified Health Coach

Fun Facts About Me!

  • I just completed my first ever triathlon! Let's just say...I FINISHED.

  • The beach is my home away from home and I try to getaway there every chance I get!

  • I have three lovely children and one wonderful husband. None of which love health and wellness just as much as I do!

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