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Life long habits are hard to break. Positive Projections Health practice is here to help you find ways to make and break habits impacting your health today for a healthier outcome tomorrow.  How?  We Evaluate, Educate and Initiate.



You come first


Personal  Evaluation

Discovery Consultation

Engaging in a Mindful holistic approach  to your health, we will look at each area of your life that impacts your health. Research is conducted on your specific health concerns to find the best options for overcoming or preventing conditions. Your health deserves the attention and I’m able to provide. Please contact me today to schedule an appointment.

Donna Y. Mack

Integrative Health Coach and Fitness Trainer

Since 2004, I have been teaching all ages the benefits of incorporating physical activity in their lives. I acquired several fitness certifications along the way but, it wasn't until 2013 when I attended the Duke Integrative Health Coach Certification course that I realized that the client had more power to activate permanent life changes that would "stick"!  I realized the conventional health practices provided care when you were sick.  Traditionally this involves  prescribing costly medicine or surgery.   Health Coaching guides you as a client to identify your risk of chronic illnesses that could rob you financially and physically in your future. Together, we determine what habit changes can be made now to eliminate the risk and enjoy the optimal life you desire.  Through meditations and intentional conversations,  I have led clients to discover ways to change small areas in their lives that had enormous impacts on their overall wellness.  This has led to reduced health cost, professional opportunities,  reduced stress and better relationships.

 AFAA Certified Fitness Leader

Lead fitness classes in church and corporate settings  of  Blue cross Blue Shields of SC Wellness.

June 2004 - Present

AFAA Cerftified Personal Trainer

Worked one on one with clients to help them achieve weight loss and fitness level  goals.

June 2005

Certified Health Coach - Duke IHC

March 2013 - Present

Work with clients to find their best path to achieving health goals.  Conduct Evaluations to identify areas of health that would benefit from improvements.  Complete research as needed to find alternatives in holistic health that can benefit the client.
Provide support to ensure the client is successful in reach health goals.


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What have you achieved in your past?  Get ready to create more success stories in your future.



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